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Birla Temple Delhi

The Birla Temple is the popular name for the Laxmi Narayan Temple in Delhi. It was built by BD Birla. One of the major tourist attractions in the city the Birla Temple holds immense historical significance. Dedicated to Laxmi (goddess of wealth) and Shiv (the preserver) this temple is frequented by tourist and locals throughout the year. The temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi with the belief that it should be open to all castes and all faiths which included the untouchables. A temple that welcomes everyone with open arms the Birla Temple in Delhi has been humanity since times immemorial.

Located in Mandir Marg in Connaught Place this temple was one of the first religious monuments built by the Birla family. Built over a period of 6 years this temple was construction between1933 to 1939. The Geeta Bhavan in the Birla Temple has beautiful paintings depicting events from Indian mythology.

There is a temple within the complex housing Lord Buddha. The whole complex, especially the walls and the upper gallery are decorated with paintings done by artists from Jaipur. These are remarkable and they reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Rajasthani Paintings. The background of the temple has been designed as a mountainous landscape with fountains as well as waterfalls. This certainly enhances the aesthetic beauty of the complex itself.

Built in true Orissan style of architecture the temple is characterized with tall curved towers capped by large amalakas (circular ribbed motif at the summit of a temple tower). Constructed entirely of red sandstone and white marble the tall structure is surrounded by gardens and fountains. A synchronized blend of sculptures, idols, spires and jalis, this temple is considered another architectural marvel in the capital city.

Birla Temple is one of the best sights in New Delhi. It was constructed in the 20th century by the Birlas, a family known for their temples in India. It is contemporary in idea and construction. It draws several devotees and foreign tourists.

The Birla Temple is a landmark in the history of modern Indian architecture. One must not miss this site while on a tour to Delhi.

Mandir Marg, Munrika New Delhi, Delhi - 011 24647005

Last Updated on 04 July 2011