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Safdarjang's Tomb

Safdarjang's Tomb
The Safdarjang's Tomb is in Delhi, the capital of India which is also a notable historical city. It is a cosmopolitan place generously scattered with monumental constructions that goes on constantly reminding of Delhi's rich historical and cultural heritage. Safdarjang's Tomb is one such monument that recollects the esteemed memory of Mirza Mukin Mansur Khan, popularly known as 'Safdarjung'.

The Safdarjang's Tomb of Delhi is closely located to the Safdarjang Airport.

Safdarjang's Tomb in Delhi was planned by an Abyssinian architect. It was constructed under the patronage of the Nawab of Awadh, Shuja-ud-Daulah.

Safdarjang's Tomb in Delhi marks the terminating era of the grand Mughal architectural designs in Delhi.

Placed in the center of a beautiful green and luxuriant lawn, Safdarjang's Tomb in Delhi is made up of buff colored sandstones.

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The central architecture of Safdarjang's Tomb at Delhi has four two-storied minarets and a bulbous dome built of pure white marble. Besides the tomb, there are many different structures of which the notable are the ladies' quarters, a market place and a guest house that certainly points out that the area was once inhabited by quite a large population.

The garden is divided into four squares by tanks and side pathways. There has been some major construction work going on for some time now. But lovers often frequent the quiter parts of the garden.

The tomb measures 18.29m and is built with red sandstones and buff sandstones. The tomb rises from a high platform. The platform has many compartments; one in the centre surrounded by eight apartments around it. The interiors of the main mausoleum exhibit great designs and carvings mostly on marbles and buff sandstones. Unlike most tombs it is in a good state. The marble and red sandstones for this tomb were removed from the tomb of Abdur Rahim Khan-i-khana. Safdarjung's Tomb has been described as the last flicker in the dying lamp of Mughal Architecture of Delhi. This structure was one of the last monument to be constructed anywhere in Delhi.

It is believed that the arches and the domes which decorate the grand Safdarjang's Tomb were brought to India from Persia and Turkey. One should not miss the Arabic inscription on the main gateway that leads to Safdarjang's Tomb.

So, if you plan a tour to Delhi, never forget to add Safdarjang's Tomb to your list of sightseeing.

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Last Updated on : July 02, 2013