Kullu Shawls

The exquisitely designed Kullu shawls represent the rich art and craft of the region. The attractive color combination and exclusive patterns of geometrical designs of blocks on either side of the shawl reflects the artistic caliber and rich craftsmanship of the local craftsmen of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Spun out of pure wool, the exclusive range of Kullu shawls attract the attention of every tourist who visit the state. An integral part of the traditional Manali handloom industry, the beautiful Kullu shawls help the region of Kullu and Manali to earn revenues. Mostly spun of meriono wool, the shawls of Kullu depict the rich artistry and cultural heritage of the local indigenous inhabitants of the region.

Most of the Kullu shawls have a deep base color with broad border. The multi-colored border of the shawls are very well designed with different patterns. Thread or fine wool is used to adorn the borders of the Kullu shawls with exclusive designs which imparts an attractive look to the handloom product.

Some of the Kullu shawls are woven from the wool of Yak which makes them very warm. The Kullu shawls are enough to bear the severe and biting cold of the Himalayan region of Manali. While most of the Kullu shawls can be used by both the sexes, some of the shawls are specially woven for males. Those shawls are generally bigger in length and have a lighter color combination.

Depending on the quality and design of the shawls, the Kullu shawls differ in the price value attached to each of them. The local indigenous population of the region attach great pride to the Kullu shawls that bears testimony to the enriched heritage of the Himalayan kingdom.