Malkangiri District Map

District Map of Malkangiri

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* Malkangiri District Map highlights National Highways, Major Roads, District Headquarter, etc. Disclaimer

Malkangiri has a total of 5,791sq km of area.According to the 2001 census, the district holds total population of 4,80,232. The male population of Malkangiri is 2,40,540 and female population is 2,39,692.

While tin, asbestos and dolomite are found in abundance in the district, granite, quartzite etc are the key rock groups of this place. Forestry, fishing and agriculture are the main revenue earners the district.

The attractions of Malkangiri include Bonda hills, Ammakunda, Motu and Satiguda dam. br/>
Malkangiri is a district of Orissa and it came into existence on the 2nd of October in the year 1992.The district of Malkangiri lies at a Longitude of 81° 10' East to 82° 00' East and at a Latitude of 17° 45' North to 18° 40' North and its height from the minimum sea level is 641 feet. The district of Malkangiri covers a total geographical area of 5,791 square kilometers and is divided into two distinct physical divisions, the Eastern and the Western part.

The topography of the Eastern part of the Malkangiri district is marked by steep ghats, valleys, plateaus. This undulating region is mostly inhabited by the tribal population of Malkangiri. The remaining part of the district is made up of comparatively plain land which is dotted with some rocky wooded hills. The main rivers that flow through the Malkangiri district are, Machhakunda, Sileru, Kolab, Saberi, and Potteru.

The climate of the district of Malkangiri, like the rest of the state, can be divided into four different seasons, the summer months, monsoon months, post monsoon months and the winter months. Due to the effects of the depression from the Bay of Bengal the district receives a handsome amount of rainfall which is often assisted by stormy winds and thunders.

The district of Malkangiri is a tribal district and a number of tribes inhabit this place which includes the Bonda, Kandh, Gadaba, Halwa, Koyas, Paraja, Dharua, Matia, Bhumia, and Didayee. The tribal district of Malkangiri is a major tourist spot and there are a number of sites that the tourists can visit here. The most popular tourist sites of Malkangiri include:
  • Motu
  • Satiguda Dam
  • Manyamkonda
  • Hill Temples
  • Balimela
  • Bonda Hills
  • Ammakunda

Last Updated on : 8 July 2013



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