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District Map of Puri

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* Puri District Map highlights National Highways, Major Roads, District Headquarter, etc. Disclaimer

Holding a total of 3479 sq. km. area, Puri is divided into eleven blocks.The district accommodates 15,02,682 people as per 2001 census. While the male population of the place is 7,63,389, the female population is 7,39,293.

The district, with a total paddy area of 1, 70, 658 hectares, is primarily engaged in agricultural activities. Animal husbandry is another major occupation of the inhabitants of Puri.

As the sacred land of temples, golden beaches and sanctuaries, Puri receives a huge number of global tourists every year who visit the famous Jagananth Temple, Chilka Lake, Sun Temple, among others.

Puri is a district of Orissa and is one of the most popular and famous tourist spots of India. Covering a total geographical area of 3051 Square Kilometers, the district of Puri has a population of around 1502682 people. For the convenience of administration the district of Puri has been divided into several blocks, tahsils and municipalities. The district of Puri has been divided into 11 blocks, which includes:

  • Pipili
  • Krushna Prasad
  • Kakatpur
  • Nimapara
  • Puri Sadar
  • Satyabadi
  • Brahmagiri
  • Gop
  • Astarang
  • Kanas
  • Delang

    Lying on the coast line of the state of Odisha, the topography of the district of Puri is primarily affected by the Sea. The geography of the district of Puri can be divided into two completely different natural divisions, the littoral tract and the level alluvial tract. The sea coast of the district of Puri runs for about a unhindered stretch of 150.4 kilometers. A number of sandy ridges are found on the beaches of Puri and it is one such ridge that is responsible for the creation of the Chilika Lake. Most of the rivers that flow through the district of Puri are the tributaries of the Mahanadi river. These tributaries dry up in the summer months and are full during the monsoon months. The main rivers of the Puri district are:
    • Bhargabi
    • Kadua
    • Daya
    • Kushabhadra
    • Prachi
    Puri is an exotic tourist destination. A store house of art and culture, Puri is gifted with the perfect combination of panoramic natural beauty and art. The ancient temples and monuments in Puri attracts tourists from all over the world. The most popular tourist spots in the district of Puri includes:
    • BaliharaChandi
    • Beleswar
    • BramhaGiri
    • Chilika Lake
    • Raghurajpur
    • Sakshigopal
    • Satapada
    • Baligha
    • Pipli
    • Jagannath Temple
    • Sun Temple

    Last Updated on : 8 July 2013