5 Things You Must Know About Twitter’s Livestreaming App

Periscope - Live video streaming app

Periscope - Live video streaming appTwitter launched Periscope, a live video-streaming app on iPhone. You can download Periscope from the App Store. The Android version is in the making. It is a free app which allows users to live-steam anything – playing games, doing something adventurous, capturing an accident or a cozy dinner, in real time. You can broadcast it from anywhere and allow innumerable number of people to view the live feed on the web. Keeping in mind the fact that not all users are comfortable sharing videos on the web, Twitter has been very cautious about the user’s privacy. Any error can lead to opening up of your life to the entire world. It is always better that you know the finer details about the app before using it.

  • Streaming – When you first enter the app, Periscope would ask for permission to access your camera, location and microphone. Grant it. Now you can start streaming. Give a title, include your location (depends on you and whom you will invite to view it) and finally tweet declaring your stream.
  • Replay – The app also allows the users to save the feed and replay it later. This feature gives Periscope an edge over Meerkat, its rival in the market.
  • Privacy – Periscope keeps all the chats within the definite stream. Thus the in-stream chats do not get published on Twitter. For example if you comment on a live video, it will be displayed only in Periscope, not on Twitter. For users who are more of a private person, live videos will only be viewable by invited users only.
  • Message of Appreciation – The users can express their appreciation for a video by simply tapping the screen. A ‘heart’ appears to the sender as well as all the viewers. With a double tap even two hearts can be sent. Periscope also allows deleting chat and even recording a specific livestream. Ending the stream is very easy. Just tap the End Stream button and  Periscope will instantly start uploading the video. Interrupt and cancel upload by tapping the progress bar if you want it to remain in a close-knit group.
  • People – Here you can adjust settings like sending an alert to a new follower. You can follow people, view who is following you and so on. Periscope will also provide you with suggestions for who to follow based on your Twitter connections. You can follow new people and unfollow them as well. If you don’t want to be notified by people when they go live, customise the notification settings accordingly.

In less than 24 hours of the launch of Periscope, Meerkat immediately snapped to strengthen their market position. Meerkat for iOS was updated with few new features like recommendations for people to follow, ways of following from within the stream, etc.

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