Lakshmiramana Swamy Temple

One of the oldest Mysore Temples and one of the archaeologically important too, the Lakshmiramana Swamy Temple is visited by devotees coming from all over the state. The Lakshmiramana Swamy Temple has great historical importance attached to it. The inscriptions in the temple, ancient books and other sources have valuable mentions of the temple.

Like many other temples of the region, the Lakshmiramana Swamy Temple in Mysore was renovated by Krishnaraja Wodeyor III. The tower standing over the main entrance - Mahaswara was built by his predecessor. A statue of the respected king can be seen in the temple. The temple is dedicated to Nambinarayan, a form of Lord Vishnu. The idol of the worshiped deity is kept in the sanctum sanctorum. A beautiful Laxmi idol is also seen at the cell beside the sanctum sanctorum.
There is also a magnificent four feet statue of Lord Venugopala. The beautifully built Mandapa behind the main temple was constructed by Kantiva Narasaraja Wodeyor during the seventeenth century.

Several legendary stories are associated with the Lakshmiramana Swamy Temple. According to one of the stories, Rajakrishna Wodeyar defeated the chief of the Karughalli tribe. Raging with vengeance, the chieftain conspired with the priest of the temple to offer poisoned holy water to the king. However the priest confessed the conspiracy to the King. The king on hearing this decided to drink the poison but it could not harm him. It is said that the Lord himself saved his devoted follower.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011