Trinesvaraswamy Temple

The Trinesvaraswamy Temple is different from other Mysore Temples for its exceptional idol - Lord Shiva with three eyes. The magnanimous temple is a classic example of Dravidian architectural brilliance. One of the ancient Mysore Temples, the Trinesvaraswamy Temple was originally built on the shore of Doddakere but later reconstructed inside the Mysore Fort by the Wodeyor Kings.

The Mysore kings have also contributed a lot in the expansion and beautification of the Trinesvaraswamy Temple. The balcony was designed by King Kanthirava Narasarja Wodeyor. He also contributed some magnificent statues like the idols of Kumara, Surya, Kshetrapala and Dakshinmurty.

The statues of the two Wodeyor kings have also added to the attractions of the temple.
The main gate of the temple or the Mahadwara used to have a towering Gopura, which was destroyed during the eighteenth century. The statues of Bhairava and Ganapathy adorns the two corners of the Mahadwara.

There is an old Peepul tree close to the Prakara and under it one can see a number of Naga stones. Several shrines and Lingas border the Prakara like the Suryanarayana, Sankaracharya and Chamundeswari. The newest addition to the temple is the statue of Shankarcarya made of pure marble. The temple's Navaranga has two main entrances. The temple is associated with the famous sage Trinabindu. The Sthala Purana states that he performed severe penance in this temple to please Lord Shiva.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011