Traditional Dress of Mysore

For a glimpse of the traditional dress of Mysore, one needs to look back at the time when Mysore was the capital of the then Mysore state. The conventional attire in the king's court or the Durbar dress for men comprised of a black long coat with white trousers and a compulsory turban.

Form the days of the reign of Wadeyars, the turbans have only survived and continue to add glory till today among the traditional dress of Mysore. People mostly used turbans with or without golden laces. These turbans were unique to Mysore and was known as Mysore Peta. The turbans are a status symbol and symbolizes the social hierarchy he belongs to. Still today the turbans are used to honor distinguished guests and are compulsory during marriages.
Jeweleries are worn by both men and women and a married women would invariably wear a Mangal Sutra, which is made of gold and karimani sara or a chain of black beads.

Traditionally, the women of Mysore wear sari. Mysore is famous for its silks and these silks in myriad hues are known for their durability. Mysore silks can be easily washed very often and regularly used with the color and shine remaining intact. The elegance of the Mysore silks lie in their heavy zari work on the anchal or pallu and the border of the saris. The dhotis are wrapped around the waist by the menfolk of Mysore. The typical girl child of Mysore would wear a traditional Langa which resembles a long skirt and Dhavani or a half sari.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011