Puri Ashram

Puri ashram offers enlightenment on spiritual and religious issues. There are various ashrams in Puri. Out of them, four are linked with the rituals of Jagannath Temple. They are Pandu Ashram, Parasara Ashram, Angira Ashram and Markandeya Ashram.

The deity of Lord Nrusimha is brought to each of the above-mentioned ashrams of Puri on the ninth day of the bright fortnight of Sravana. This visit is celebrated with huge fanfare and is named as Badi Nrusimha Bije. These ashrams at Puri are managed by the local committees.

Other popular ashrams in Puri are Pranabananda Ashram near Chakratirtha, Bijaya Krushna Goswami Ashram near the Narendra tank, Bharat Sevashram in Swargadwar area, Bhagabat Ashram near bus stand, Abhiram Paramahanshashram in marichikote lane, Nigamananda Ashram at Lokanath road, and Adwait Brahmashram Girinarbanta.

At Puri ashram, one can learn the different ways of attaining spiritual knowledge through Yoga. Apart from saints and their students, the ashrams at Puri are an abode for dogs and cows. The people who live there have to participate in farming and contribute in the running of the ashram.

Since most of the ashrams at Puri are located at places, which are away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city, learning at these places gets much easier. The ashrams are bounded by beautiful gardens, which are maintained by the people living there.

Most of the Puri ashram follow a strict routine to maintain discipline in the ashram. These rules and regulations are applicable on the visitors of the ashram as well.

If one wants to learn anything from the ashram, the best way to do so is to follow the daily routine which includes lots of pooja, asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation, talks, fun and nature.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011