Maths in Puri

There are a number of maths in Puri, which are quite popular among the visitors to the town. Each of the maths at Puri has an individual character and holds a lot of importance to the people of the Hindu community who have got a religious affinity. Some of the most important maths of Puri are the:

  • Suna Goswami Math
  • the Jagannath Ballav Math and
  • the Govardhana Math.
The Jagannath Ballav Math is one of the most popular Puri maths. It is a monastery. The monastery is meant to pay homage to the famous Ray Ramananda, who was one of the famous saints in the state in the 16th century.

There is a garden at the back of the monastery. There is a temple in this garden, which is often visited by the tourists who follow the Hindu religion. This temple stands in the central part of the garden.

The Suna Goswami Math is one of the most well known maths of Puri. This math of the town is closely associated with quite a few festivals of the Hindu religion. The names of the most significant festivals linked with the Suna Goswami Math are the Agni Utsava, the Banaklagi, the Snana Purnima and the Chandan Yatra.

The Govardhana Math is one of the most commonly visited maths in Puri. It was put up around 1000 years ago. Sankaracarya, one of the most popular religious leaders of Hinduism, established this math of Puri. It was established in the famous region of Swargadwar.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011