Puri Temples

There are a number of Puri temples, which constitute one of the main attractions of the town. All these temples are visited by innumerable tourists, particularly by the people who are ardent devotees of the religion of Hinduism.

Some of the most commonly visited temples at Puri are the Jagannath Temple, the Gundicha Ghar Temple, the Loknath Temple and the Ardhasani Temple. All these temples have their individual identities.

The Jagannath Temple has a height of around 65 meters. This temple distributes bhoga, which is very much in demand. The Bhoga Mandir and the Nata Mandir were established in the 15th and the 14th centuries respectively.

The Gundicha Ghar Temple, Puri is one of the most important temples of Puri. This temple is believed to be the home of the aunt of one of the most popular mythical figures of Hindu religion called Lord Krishna. She is well known as Gundicha.

Loknath Temple is one of the most popular temples in Puri. It was established in the 12th century or the 11th century AD.

The Hindus visit this temple to pay homage to Lord Loknath. It is believed that he is quite capable of relieving the people from health problems.

Ardhasani Temple, Puri is one of the well acclaimed Puri temples. If one visits this temple of Puri during the celebration of Rath Yatra, then he or she can experience the special celebrations in the temple.

According to popular belief, Lord Jagannath halts here to taste the rice preparation ' poda pitha'.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011