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Weather of Puri

Puri is located on the coastal region of Orissa and is dominated by Bay of Bengal. The weather of Puri experiences a tropical climatic condition. Puri is a beautiful city where the tourists flock every year.

The weather becomes a very important factor for those who want to go to the city of Puri mainly to spend a few days leaving aside the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The weather of Puri is heavily influenced by the sea. The sea winds are quite pleasurable during the evening hours. Even sometimes doctors prescribe the patients to go to Puri in order to take the fresh sea side air.

The temperature goes to the maximum of 36° Celsius during the summer season and during winter season the temperature does not go down below 16° Celsius.

During the winter season the nights are quite chilly and you need to put on some woollen clothes.

The winter season is the perfect season to visit this beautiful city of rich architecture and culture.

The monsoon season in Puri is between the month of June to September. The climate of Puri is very humid during the rainy months of June to September.

During the rainy season it is not advisable to go near the sea as it becomes very turbulent during this time. After the long monsoon weather, the relief finally comes in the month of October.

The weather in Puri being very favorable during winters, even sometimes the business meetings are arranged in the hotels of Puri which gives a break to the monotonous life.

Weather of Puri makes it one of the most sought after tourists destinations around the year.

Last Updated on : 20/06/2013