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Jagannath Ballav Math

Jagannath Ballav Math is one of the most renowned places of attraction for the visitors to the town of Puri. There are quite a few maths in the popular tourist destination of Puri. The Jagannath Ballav Math is one of the most reputed maths of the region.

The Jagannath Ballav Math of Puri is actually a monastery. It is situated on the opposite side of the well known landmark of Municipal Market. This monastery has been put up to pay homage to the famous personality of Ray Ramananda. This person rose to fame as one of the most renowned saints of the state of Orissa in the 16th Century. Ray Ramananda was originally associated with administrative work.

To add to the glory of the monastery, a beautiful garden has been created at the back of the monastery. This garden houses a temple, which is quite popular among the tourists of the town, particularly the ones who belong to the religion of Hinduism. This temple is situated at the central region of the garden. The temple was established for the ardent devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman, the main deity of the temple of the Jagannath Ballav Math at Puri, is believed to be the savior of all the different kinds of plants that grow here. To carry on the lineage of a commonly believed mythical story, small images of Subhadra, Jagannath and Balabhadra are carried to the gardens of the Jagannath Ballav Math in Puri on different auspicious occasions like Basanta Panchami.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011