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The Swargadwar is one of the most significant places of attraction for the tourists who come to visit the popular tourist spot of Puri.

This place is often visited by many people due to the mythical stories that are related to the place. According to popular belief, a person who breathes his last at this place gets the privilege of being transported to the heaven directly. It is also widely believed that such a person easily attains complete salvation.

Apart from the Mohodadhi, the Swargadwar of Puri is well reputed not only in the state of Orissa but throughout the country of India for giving salvation to the demised. From the association of this popular mythical story, the place of Swargadwar in Puri has come to be known as the entrance of heaven among the people who have faith in the religion of Hinduism.

The region that is referred to as the Swargadwar is actually a cremation ground, which is meant for performing the last rites of a person who has been a follower of the Hindu religion. It is widely believed by the people belonging to the community of Hindus that a dip in the waters of the sea can help one to attain redemption.

Another very popular mythical story linked with the Swargadwar is that the sacred Brahmadaru came floating to the Puri beach at this place. In case one wants to visit the Swargadwar of Puri, he has to travel to the town of Puri. The closest airport is situated in the city of Bhubaneswar.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011