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Atharnala Bridge

Atharnala Bridge is one of the most well known places of interest in Puri. The tourists who travel to Puri generally do not miss to visit the Atharnala Bridge, as it is one of the tourist attractions of the place that bears testimony of the history of the region.

The Atharnala Bridge of Puri was put up as early as in the 13th century. This bridge was constructed in an effort to develop the transport system of the place.

The bridge was meant to make communication easier for the people there at that time. The Atharnala Bridge at Puri helped the people to travel from one side of the stream called Mandupur stream to another.

This bridge is situated at the entry point of the town of Puri. Other than the historical importance of the structure, the visitors to the town also come to view the architectural expertise exhibited by the Atharnala Bridge in Puri.

This bridge of Puri is still of much importance to the people of the place. The dimensions of the bridge are 85 x 11 meters.

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Last Updated on : 23 June 2011