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Suna Goswami Math

The Suna Goswami Math is one of the most popular attractions for the visitors to the city. There are a number of maths at this place of India and the Suna Goswami Math is one of the most famous maths of the region.

A couple of festivals associated with the religion of Hinduism are celebrated at the Suna Goswami Math of Puri. Some of the most important festivals that are celebrated at this math of Orissa are the Banaklagi, the Chandan Yatra, the Agni Utsava and the Snana Purnima.

The Mahanta who serves this well known math of Puri is also the mahanta for another renowned math of the region; which is called the Darpa Narayana Math.

During the time of Snana Purnima, the Suna Goswami Math in Puri arranges for 'adhibas jala' from the Sitala well. On the occasion of Chandan Yatra, the Suna Goswami Math at Puri makes and distributes many types of beautiful ornaments made out of colorful flowers like Chausara and Alaka, which add to the celebration of the festival. On the occasion of Agni Utsava, the temple makes arrangements for making a special type of bhoga called the 'panti bhoga' to the mythical Dola Gobinda.

To travel to the Suna Goswami Math, one has to visit the town of Puri. The airport that is closest to this place is the Bhubaneswar airport. It is located at a distance of about 65 kms. Suna Goswami Math is a must visit place for the visitors of Puri.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011