Govardhan Math

The Govardhan Math is one of the well reputed Maths that is situated in the tourist destination of Puri. This Math is of special importance to the pilgrims who visit this place of Orissa.

The Govardhan Math of Puri was built around 1000 years ago in the 9th century. Sankaracharya, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, established this math.

This math is situated in the region called Swargadwar, which is one of the main attractions of the town of Puri. The importance of the Govardhan Math at Puri lies in a popular story associated with this place.

It is widely believed that Puri has got the recognition of one of the four holy dhams because of the Govardhan Math.

Shankaracharya established 4 Maths (chardham) to unite the different groups of sanyasis. The Govardhana Math shares this honor with the Shringeri Math in Shringeri, the Charade Math in Dwaraka and Jyotir Math in Badrinath.

The person who is in charge of this Math of Orissa is given the title of Sankaracharya. This person also holds the position of the 'nayak' or the head of the Muktimandap in the Jagannath temple, which is one of the famous temples of Puri.

The head of the Govardhan Math in Puri is consulted by the authorities of the Math in all kinds of religious affairs pertaining to it.

The Govardhan Math is also commonly known as the Bhogo Vardhan Math. To visit this Math of Orissa one has to travel to the city of Puri. This city is easily accessible from the other important places of the country.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011