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Hooghly of West Bengal is associated with a number of places that have great tourism value. For Bengalis, this place has a greater significance, as it is the birthplace of the eternal Bengali novelist, Sarat Chadra Chatterjee. Hooghly is also the sacred place where great enlightened souls like Sri Ramakrisna Paramhamsa and his consort, Sarada Devi - the Mother of all; stayed for the most of their lives.

The district of Hooghly is also popular in far off places in the country because of its connection with the French, the Dutch and the Portuguese. All these three races have left their individualistic marks on the different places in Hooghly and with its headquarters at Chunchura, a seventeenth century Dutch settlement, the district of Hooghly is the only one of its kind.

The important tourist places in the district of Hooghly are:
  • Chandannagore
  • Srirampore
  • Tarakeshwar
  • Bhadreswar
  • Radhanagor
  • Devanandapur
  • Bandle
  • Dhaniakhali
  • Joyrambati
  • Kamarpukur
Chandannagore was a French settlement and is a famous place for the grand buildings in the French architectural style, the beautiful banks of the Ganges River, the planned township and the glamorous Jagadhhatri Puja.

While Tarakeshwar and Bhadreswar are sacred pilgrimage spots, Dhaniakhali is a place where a typical Bengali sari, Dhanekhali, is woven.

Devanandapur is the place where the eminent author, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee had born. The places like Joyrambati and Kamarpukur are blessed with the glorious presence of Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi.

The other spots of tourist interest in Hooghly are the:
  • Bandel church
  • Muslim imam-barah
  • Sandeswar Temple
  • Hansweswari Temple
  • Brindavan Jew temple

Last Updated on June 06, 2013