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Nabadwip is the birthplace and abode of the founder of Vaishnav religion and great social reformer - Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Nabadwip in Nadia District, West Bengal is a historic town situated on the banks of Bhagirathi River. A twenty Kilometers journey from Krishna Nagar, the town of Nabadwip was the capital of Lakshman Sena. A great ruler belonging to the Sena Dynasty, King Lakshman Sena ruled during the twelfth century. Nabadwip was also under the Muslim rule as it was captured by Muhammed Bakhtiyar Khilji. The town was an important center of education, religion and culture in the yesteryear.

Nabadwip of the present time is a prime religious and pilgrimage center, which attracts millions of devotees and visitors every year. Tourists and religious followers from all over the country and world visit Nabadwip to feel the essence of the sacred place. The main attractions in and around the Nabadwip Town are: -
  • Sonar Gouranga Temple
  • Mayapur
  • ISKON Temple complex
Nabadwip can be easily referred as a temple town as the town is blessed with numerous old and new temples. These temples belong to different sects like the Shaktas, Vaishnavs, Shivaites etc. The Nabadwip Town embarks into the festive mold with the arrival of the Rash Festival during the Bengali month of Aghrayan. Devotees, local people and the tourists revel in the festivities. Hiring a rickshaw and roaming around the town can be a lovely way to savor the real taste of Nabadwip.

Last Updated on June 06, 2013