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Shahid Minar

West Bengal is opulent in its potpourri of cultural delights. The state is also a popular tourism hub whose capital Kolkata, the City of Joy is noted for it's enchanting platter of offerings. Shahid Minar, a historic monument overlooking the lush backdrop of the Kolkata Maidan is a talking point of the city's attractions.

Shahid Minar was constructed in the year 1848 under the generous patronage of Sir David Ochterlony to mark his triumph in the Nepal War that commenced between 1814 to1816. Post Independence this edifice was renamed Shahid Minar or Martyr's Column to honor the sacrifice of all those who readily gave up their lives in the altar of freedom.

The architecture is a magnificent amalgam of Turkish, Syrian and Egyptian styles. The 48 feet high stately monument dominates the city's skyline. The testament is also strategically located in the city's epicenter near the bustling business zones of Esplanade.

A stroll in the sprawling maidans where sheep and goat frolic amidst the lush greenery, tourists encounter the wonderful surprise of the majestic Shahid Minar, standing tall and boasting of the vicissitudes of several bygone eras. Tourists can also take a ride in the quaint horse drawn carriages and explore the picturesque surroundings of the Shahid Minar.

The tall edifice is a prized possession of Kolkata and accentuates the scenic splendor of the City of Joy.Shahid Minar plays a significant role as a springboard of tourism in Kolkata and attracts hordes of foreigners who are mesmerized by the narratives contained in the pages of history.

Last Updated on June 05, 2013