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Science City Kolkata

West Bengal, the gateway to the east is noted for its cultural extravaganza, academic excellence and tourism potential. In order to inculcate a scientific temperament among the general masses the state's capital, Kolkata has come up its very own Science City.

Science City sprawls across a generous expanse and is strategically located at the junction of Eastern Metropolitan Bypass with Park Circus. West Bengal has a longstanding saga of tragic suffering. However post Independence the state has come a long way. Kolkata, its capital is now the proud owner of quality infrastructure and is utilizing it fully for the overall development of the state.

Kolkata was once upon a time the home of several scientific geniuses of the likes of Satyen Bose, Homi J Bhaba and Meghnad Saha. In order to pay a fitting tribute to their services, Science City was built. The sole objective of this enormous Science museum was to instill a scientific outlook amongst people and teach the mind-boggling theories of the workings of the world to little children in a simple and interesting manner.

The museum is nestled amidst well-tended lawns glowing with the color of the seasonal blooms. The museum's claim to fame lies in its prized possessions, namely the Ocean Waves, Tornado, Energy Ball and Quick Sand that explain the complicated scientific phenomenon with seeming ease. A kaleidoscope of optical illusions greets visitors as they enter the aquatic world and the world of insects. A scintillating ride on the Time Machine takes visitors on a space sojourn. The dinosaur gallery showcasing the likes of the formidable Tyrannosaurus Rex has been designed with respect to Steven Spielberg's legendary Jurassic Park.

Overall, the diverse platter of scientific delights enchants visitors, students and scientific scholars. Science City remains open from 9.A.M to 9.P.M and tourists can spend a fruitful day exploring the world of science.

Last Updated on June 05, 2013