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One of the oldest districts of West Bengal and the ancient Sanskrit-learning center, Nadia is an inseparable part of the religious and cultural history of the state. The traditional city of Krishna Nagar is the district headquarters of the Nadia District of West Bengal. The total population of Nadia is 46,03,756, which covers an area of 3,927 Square Kilometers. Apart from tourism, agriculture is the main source of revenue for the district. The chief crops that are grown in the area are Paddy, Wheat, Oilseeds, Pulses, Potato, Vegetables, Rice and Sugarcane. The Nadia District is a developing district in terms of industrialization.

With the presence of ancient temples, mosques, historic forts and a hub of magnificent handicrafts, Nadia District is a great tourist destination. The most frequented places in the district are:

  • Nabadwip - birthplace of the great social reformer and founder of the Vaishnav religion, Shri Chaitanya Dev Mahaprabhu. The temple town is a major attraction for the devotees and tourists.
  • Shantipur - once an important center of Sanskrit learning, the town is famous for its exquisite sarees.
  • Mayapur - claimed by some as the actual birthplace of Chaitanya. The ISKON Temple complex is a major crowd puller.
  • Ballal Dhipi - an archaeologically significant place.
  • Palashi - the historical battle ground where Siraj-Ud-Dullah lost the war to the British.
  • Shivaniwas - another place with ancient temples.
  • Krishna Nagar - the historic city with several tourist interests and wonderful clay models. The headquarters of the district.
  • Bahadurpur Forest
  • Bethuadahari
  • Mangaldwip Char
  • Hasandanga Beel
Last Updated on June 06, 2013