Capital City of Andhra Pradesh

About Capital City of Andhra Pradesh

The city of Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. This capital city is famously called the "City of Pearls" as in the earlier days, the place used to be the international trading hub of pearls and diamonds. The city is even home to Tollywood, the Telugu Film Industry. Established in the year 1591 A. D., this city is located on the Deccan Plateau on the river bank of the River Musi. Its position near the meeting point of north India and south India, the city is known for its distinctive art, culture as well as architecture.

Demographics of Andhra Pradesh Capital City

Spread over a total area of around 650 sq. km., this is among the largest Indian metropolitans and 4th populous most city in the country. According to the Census, 2011, following are some of the basic demographic information about this capital city:

  1. Total population: 6, 809, 970
  2. Metropolitan population: 7, 749, 334
  3. Official languages: Telugu and Urdu

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh’s Capital City

Hyderabad city, being a land of historical sites, includes different places of interest. However, almost all the historical attractions are based in the old Hyderabad city.

Tourist Attractions in Old Hyderabad City

To name a few of the tourist attractions in and around the old city are:

Charminar: Constructed near the spot, where Quli Qutb Shah prayed for the end of the epidemic caused by plague, this architectural construction is featured with 4 minarets. Rising to a height of about 48.7 m from the level of the ground, this place has always been an icon of the Capital City of Andhra Pradesh. It even includes a mosque.

Chowmahalla Palace: This is one of the Asia Pacific Heritage sites of U. N. E. S. C. O. (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Earlier, it was the seat of the dynasty of Asaf Jahi.

Falaknuma Palace: Built in the year 1872 by Nawab Viqar – al - Umra, this palace reflects stunning architectural style. Being the most opulent palaces of the Nizam's, the impressive interior of this palace is featured with the Florentine sculptors’ works as well as a dining table with 100 seats.

Golconda Fort: This historical fort was once the Qutb Shahi dynasty’s capital. After sunset every day, a "light and sound" show is held there that portrays the history of the fort.

Mecca Masjid: This is one of the oldest and biggest mosques of this city. This granite built mosque has got a main hall that is 75 ft. high, 180 ft. long and 220 ft. wide. The hall is capable of accommodating approximately 10, 000 people at a time.

Qutb Shahi Tombs: These tombs were named so as they were constructed by the Qutb Shahi dynasty. It is situated at a distance of around 1 km towards the north of the Golconda Fort.

H. E. H. The Nizam's Museum: Based within the Purani Haveli, this museum is famous for housing the longest wardrobe in the world, which used to belong to Mahbub Ali Pasha, who was known for not wearing the same clothes twice.

Apart from all these, some of the other places to see in the old city of Hyderabad are as follows:

  1. Hussain Shah Wali Dargah
  2. Moula Ali Dargah
  3. Paigah Tombs
  4. Purani Haveli
  5. Raymond Tomb
  6. Salar Jung Museum
  7. Toli Masjid

Tourist Attractions in New Hyderabad City

Listed below are some of the renowned tourist spots in and around the newly formed city:

  1. A. P. State Museum: This museum of the Andhra Pradesh displays an array of artifacts that dates back to the period in between the 1st Century and the 20th Century. Few of those articles include Lotus Medallion, wonderful Kalankari works, Jain statues and sculptures and many more.
  2. Birla Mandir: This is among the best marble temples, which are built by the Birlas in the different cities of the nation. Located on the Naubat Mountain, this sparkling white clean temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara.
  3. B. M. Birla Planetarium and Science and Technological Museum: Many shows that last for around 35 mins are held in the Telugu as well as the Hindi language per day in the planetarium. On the other hand, the museum has got a Dinosaurium, which houses a dinosaur skeleton that was discovered in 1988 in the Yemanapalli village.
  4. Kala Bhavan: This is an art gallery, which is located at Ravindra Bharathi complex in Saifabad.
To name a few more tourist places in the new Hyderabad city are:

  1. Archival Museum
  2. Nehru Zoological Park
  3. The Natural History Museum

Last Updated on 20 June 2013