Campion School, Bhopal

St. Edmund Campion, a Jesuit of English origin of 16th century, has been the inspiration behind the name of Campion School, Bhopal. Set up in the year 1965, Campion School of Bhopal today is one of the epicenters of knowledge. Among the many schools in Bhopal, Campion is a name worth of mention. Being administered by the Society of Jesus, Campion School pay equal respect to the beliefs of all other faiths.

The admission norms of Campion School in Bhopal depend upon the standards in which the pupils are to be admitted. While the nursery and pre-primary classes require only interactive assessment tests, the primary, secondary and higher secondary standards demand a comparatively more elaborate admission process.

Located in the Arera colony of Bhopal Campion School and its learning procedures reflect the influence of the Jesuit education system which stresses on both external and internal education of the students. Civic sense, team work, secularism, mutual respect, honing of linguistic skills, compassion, self-discipline, integrity of character are some of the prime areas which are dealt with by the Campion School of Bhopal.

The students of Campion School are not only facilitated through the fundamental learning procedures but also experience the core teachings of life as a whole. This in turn makes the pupils strong and determined personalities in the coming days. Many of the students who have gathered knowledge from the Campion School of Bhopal are now established in various prestigious positions both inside and outside India.

With such values as patriotism and loyalty, Campion School, Bhopal is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives when it comes to selection of educational institutes.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012