Central Institute of Agricultural University, Bhopal

Central Institute of Agricultural University in Bhopal has been set up on 15th February of 1976. The university in Bhopal was established to carry on research programs that would aid in development of agricultural activities in the state of Madhya Pradesh . Among the colleges and institutes in Bhopal, this university occupies a very prestigious position. The Director of Central Institute of Agricultural University in Bhopal is Dr. M.M. Pandey.

The Central Institute of Agricultural University in Bhopal has various facilities for the students. It has guest houses and hostel facilities for the non resident students. There is a medical unit maintained by the university that takes care of the students' health problems. The university has excellent library facilities. There are research farms and research laboratories set up by the institute for benefit of the students. The university organizes various workshops for the students.

This university of Bhopal has several training programs for students. The duration of these training programs are for one to two weeks. These trainings give practical knowledge regarding agricultural activities. The institute offers training programs in fields like:
  • Testing of Agricultural Machinery
  • Design of Agricultural Machinery
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Manufacturing Technology of Agricultural Machinery
  • Soybean Processing and Utilization
The different divisions of Central Institute of Agricultural University are
  • Agricultural Energy and Power
  • Transfer of Technology
  • Agro Processing
  • Agricultural Mechanization
  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • Agro Processing and Soybean Processing
For further inquiry related to the university, candidates can contact
  • Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE)
    Nabi Bagh, Berasia Road, Bhopal 462 038

Last Updated on : March 30, 2016