Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal

Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal is a well-known name in the field of medical training in Madhya Pradesh . The students getting admission to Gandhi Medical College of Bhopal can pursue a wide range of Bachelor's degree courses as well as Master's options.

Out of the many colleges and institutes in Bhopal, Gandhi Medical College claims a special mention. Affiliated to the Barkatullah University of Bhopal, Gandhi Medical College promises to provide a comprehensive and advanced level medical training. Students who aspire to make a name of their own in the medical world vie for a seat in the Gandhi Medical College of Bhopal as this is one of the best medical colleges of the city.

The teaching methods of Gandhi Medical College differs from other medical institutes as it emphasizes more on interactive learning processes. Through seminars, video display, clinical postings, chart diagrams, OHP, practical sessions, theory and slide projectors, Gandhi Medical College imbibes the core medical fundamentals into the brains of the students.

The premises of Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal covers a total of nine acres. This huge space is aptly utilized by the Gandhi Medical College through its various departments each of which specializes in a specific medical zone.

Admission to Gandhi Medical College of Bhopal is done though an open entrance exam which is conducted in every academic session. Students who score exceptionally well are allowed to get a seat in the coveted government medical college of Bhopal.

Gandhi Medical College of Bhopal is suitably supported by international standard infrastructure. Also, there are separate accommodation facilities for both boys and girls students of Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal.

Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal widens the scope of medical teaching in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012