Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, Bikaner

The Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, Bikaner is one of the most prominent travel attractions in Bikaner. This sanctuary of wildlife is one of the most commonly visited places in the city.

The Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary of Bikaner is situated about 32 kms away from Bikaner town. This place has a lot of historical importance. In the past, the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary at Bikaner used to be a favorite site of hunting for Bikaner's Maharajah. It is here that the Maharajah has hunted a number of wild animals. The Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary at Bikaner is currently used in preserving a number of wild animals.

Some of the most well known species of wild animals that are housed in the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, Bikaner are deer, wild fowls, nilgai, antelope, black buck, chinkara, wild boars and desert foxes. Many people from across the country of India visit this sanctuary to get a glimpse of the wildlife of the region.

There is a lake within the premises of the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary in Bikaner. This water body adds to the natural beauty of the place. In the summertime, a number of animals that dwell in the sanctuary come to this lake in search of water. Other than providing relief to the wild animals of the sanctuary in the months of summer, this lake also attract many species of bird alien to the sanctuary in the months of winter. For the tourists who are hardcore bird-lovers, this lake is an ideal place to visit.

For a nature-lover, the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit as it offers a variety of wildlife including different animals and birds.

Last Updated on : December 19, 2011