Ganga Singh Museum

The Ganga Singh Museum is one of the most significant museums that are situated in the well known city of Bikaner in Rajasthan . This museum is of importance, among the Bikaner museums, specially to the tourists who come on a leisure tour to the city.

The Ganga Singh Museum is very popular among the visitors to the district as it has a number of archaeological specimens. These specimens are believed to belong to the Harappan age and the early part of the Gupta period. According to the archaeologists, these articles throw light on a number of dark areas of the history of India.

One of the important reasons for the popularity of the Ganga Singh Museum in Bikaner is that, it displays a variety of objects of historical importance in different parts of the museum. The most significant displays of the museum include different types of crafts and paintings. The pottery and terracotta that are on display in the Ganga Singh Museum at Bikaner are worth a visit. A number of carpets are showcased in the museum, which exhibit a lot of artistic expertise.

A very significant display of the Ganga Singh Museum is the weapons used by the Rajputs. Such upholding give the visitors an opportunity to closely view historical articles. This museum of Rajasthan remains open from 10.30 in the morning till 4.30 in the evening, on all days except Fridays and national holidays.

Particularly, the people who are interested in the field of archeology, find the Ganga Singh Museum in Bikaner very fascinating. The Ganga Singh Museum of Bikaner is often claimed to be the most important of all the museums that are housed in the district.

Last Updated on : December 19, 2011