Sadul Museum

The Sadul Museum is one of the most renowned Bikaner museums and is unique of its kind in the entire state of Rajasthan . This museum is commonly visited by the visitors who come to the city to get a glimpse of the fascinating heritage buildings of the place.

The tourists who have special interest in wildlife should not miss out the opportunity of visiting this museum. It has a number of mementos related to wildlife including a few photographs. The tourists who have an affinity for with the history of India can also visit the Sadul Museum in Bikaner, as it houses a number of rare specimens that have immense historical importance.

Some of the most famous upholding of the Sadul Museum at Bikaner are a couple of Georgian paintings. A trip to this museum can make one understand the high level of interest of the Maharajah in the field of art. If one is interested to know more about the life of the Maharajah, then the Sadul Museum is a good place to visit. It has a number of items that were once used by the Maharajah. These articles include an electrically operated toothbrush, a passport and a camera.

The Sadul Museum of Bikaner is housed in the historical building of the Lalghar Palace, which is one of the most well known palaces of the region. The first floor of the museum is used up in constructing the museum. A part of the Lalghar Palace has been taken up by a renowned hotel. The close location of this hotel adds to the popularity of the Sadul Museum.

Last Updated on : December 19, 2011