Bikaner Museums

There are a couple of Bikaner museums, which are some of the most commonly visited travel attractions in Bikaner. All these museums of Bikaner showcase a variety of valuable items. Some of the most well known museums at Bikaner are the Rajasthan State Archives, the Prachina Museum, the Ganga Singh Museum and the Sadul Museum.

Rajasthan State Archives is one of the most famous museums of Bikaner. This museum is often visited by the tourists who have an inclination for everything related to the history of the country. The most precious possession of this museum of Bikaner is a massive collection of documents related to the system of administration during the days of Mughal rule.

The Prachina Museum is one of the well acclaimed museums in Bikaner. It was created by the Maharaja's daughter in the year 2000. The Prachina Museum has a wide range of historical items on display like royal costumes, intricately designed furniture, beautiful rugs and carpets and fascinating portraits.

The Ganga Singh Museum is a famous archaeological museum, which upholds a variety of archaeological specimens that belonged to the Harappan times and the initial part of the Gupta period.

The Sadul Museum is a must-visit for all the wildlife-lovers. It displays a couple of mementos associated with wildlife including some photographs. The museum also showcases a number of fascinating Georgian paintings.

All the above Bikaner museums have their individual identities, which give each of them a special place in the list of all the tourist attractions of the district of Bikaner.

Last Updated on : December 19, 2011