Rajasthan State Archives

Rajasthan State Archives is the name of one of the most famous of the Bikaner museums. This museum has a lot of historical significance and hence is very popular among the tourists who come to visit the district.

One of the most precious belongings of the Rajasthan State Archives of Bikaner is a formidable collection of the documents associated with the administrative system of India during the Mughal rule. Some of the well known documents that are preserved at this museum are the Persian Farmans, Manshurs, Nishans and Vakil Report.

There are also many other records available at the Rajasthan State Archives in Bikaner. These are Akbarat, Khatoot and Arzdasht. The document that bears testimony of the administrative system of the princely states of Rajasthan like Pattas, Bahiat, Rukkas, Parwanas and Chithiat is also housed here. A couple of documents pertaining to the political life of India are kept on display specially for the visitors so that they can get a glimpse of these valuable records of the past.

The Rajasthan State Archives at Bikaner is of special significance to the people who are engaged in research work related to the administration of Rajasthan in the past. In fact, for the convenience of the researchers, a number of facilities like library and microfilming are offered by the authorities of the museum. There are also some rooms particularly meant for research-oriented work.

To reach the Rajasthan State Archives, one has to travel to Bikaner, which can be reached by air, rail and road.

Last Updated on : December 19, 2011