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Saputara Tourism

Saputara set on a high plateau in the rolling Sahyadri ranges is the only hill station in Gujarat. The Dang forests surround the town and are a tribal area, dotted with Adivasi (tribal) villages. Ninety percent of the population around the town is Adivasi.

At an elevation of 1000 meters, this town gets its name from the snake god worshiped by the Adivasis. Saputara means the abode of snakes and the image of the snake on the banks of the river Sarpganga is ritually worshipped.

This planned hill town has resorts, landscaped gardens, a lake, a ropeway, museums and a theater. There are hotels apart from log cabins and cottages to stay. North Indian and Gujarati food is available at roadside eating places and restaurants.

Visitor can enjoy trekking in the forests and hills, and walking in the spacious gardens. Adventure sports such as paragliding, parasailing and rock climbing are also popular. You can visit the artists' village and the tribal museum and enjoy excursions to close by sanctuaries. However, you will need prior permission from wildlife authorities to visit the sanctuaries. There are camping facilities and tented accommodations within the sanctuaries.

You can also visit tribal villages to get a feel of the simple lifestyle and culture. The closest villages are at Malegaon, Mahal and Ambapada.


There is an artists' village where you can buy tribal artifacts and craft items such as wood carvings, stuffed birds etc. Warli paintings, a traditional Adivasi style of paintings done in white on an ochre background, are also available. These were traditionally wall paintings. There is also a honey bee center in Saputara where you can buy pure honey. In the small town of Wagai, you can buy bamboo craft items such as lamp shades.

Places to see in and around Saputara

  • Gandhi Shikhar- A trek up the hill amid green trees and streams will take you to the top. Also called the Sunset point it is a good place to view the vast expanse of the Dang forest.
  • The Ropeway- There is ten minute ride on the Ropeway or cable car from the Vaity resort across the valley to the Sunset point. One can see the river down below.
  • Rose Garden- An idyllic place with many varieties of roses growing here is a good picnic spot.
  • Step Garden- A beautifully landscaped garden set up in steps and well-laid out with flowers at different levels. There are trees in the garden and an open space very popular with children.
  • Sunrise Point- A short walk of one kilometer takes you to the view point which offers a panoramic view of Saputara.
  • Governor's Hill- an expanse of flat land good for walking and viewing the valley. You can see the Gujarat Maharashtra border demarked by a railing. You can enjoy Camel rides here.
  • Saputara Lake- The Lake and the attractive garden on its bank is a good place for picnics and boating.
  • Saputara Tribal Museum- The customs and lifestyle of the Dang adivasis is showcased along with the stone craft items and other artifacts.
  • Sitavan- Thick forests around Saputara are associated with Lord Ram who is said to have spent years of exile here.
  • Artists' Village- This is the place to learn about the culture of the place and buy tribal artifacts and at the same time enjoy craft making.
  • Nageshwar Mahadev- The original snake temple on the banks of the Saputara Lake now has a temple of Nageshwar Mahadev. The Adivasis worship this deity.
  • Gira Waterfalls- A short excursion (52 kilometers from Saputara) makes for a good visit to the waterfall. The waterfall is especially active in the monsoon months from June to November.
  • Pandava Gufa- The road to these caves is through tribal villages and ancient fort ruins. The caves are also called Aravalem caves and a legend associates them with the Pandavas of Mahabharata who were said to have hidden here.
  • Vansda National Park- Tourists need permission from wildlife authority to visit this small forest near Wagai. The sanctuary has a lot of wildlife such as sloth bear and antelope. There are also a number of bird species unique to the Western Ghats.
  • Purna Sanctuary- Spread over the Western Ghats in Gujarat and covered with dense deciduous forest at Mahal (60 kilometers away). There are trekking paths through bamboo glades within the forest. There are many Dangi adivasi settlements within the protected area. The village of Mahal is within the sanctuary on the banks of Purna River.
  • Places Around Saputara:
  • Wagai- Located 51 kilometers away the Gira waterfalls and the Botanical Gardens here are the main attraction.
  • Ahwa- The town which is also the district headquarters is 32 kilometers away.
  • Surat- The industrial city known for its textile and diamond market is 164 kilometers from Saputara.
  • Mumbai- The capital of Maharashtra is 250 kilometers away.
Best Time to visit

Saputara is on the Sahyadri ranges on the Western Ghats and the weather is pleasant throughout the year with temperature rarely exceeding 28 Degree Celsius even in summer. March to November is the best time to visit Saputara. During the monsoon months the Western Ghats come alive with waterfalls and rivulets.

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Last Updated on : 12/10/2013