Dum Dum

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Dum Dum is a Kolkata suburb. Dum Dum is also the site for the city's only airport.Dum Dum holds an unique position in terms of Kolkata's demographical map. Dum Dum is both a residential area as well as a prime commercial zone.

Most of the residential dwellings in Dum Dum are mid sized apartments-which is an indicator of the steadily upward realty demand curve of the area.

The trend of apartment building in Dum Dum gathered steam only in the late 1990's. The demand reflects the rising disposable income of the native middle class. According to economists, this has a direct effect on India's galloping economy. The strategic position of Dum Dum has also helped its ascent from just a city suburb to a desirable chunk of real estate.

Dum Dum is 10 kilometers distant from central Kolkata. Dum Dum is flanked by the localities of Jhilbagan, Ghughudanga and Jawpur.

It is commonly believed that the word Dum Dum is a phonetic decay of the Persian word 'Dam Dama' which transliterates into a raised platform or ground. Dum Dum first gained fame as a military base for the British artillery in the late 19 th Century. The place is now dotted with small scale industrial units and residential houses.

Dum Dum has excellent communication facilities. Dum Dum is connected to the rest of the city through the underground rail network or Metro as it is commonly known. Besides the metro, Dum Dum possesses a railway station as part of the suburban surface railway grid.

Buses and taxis are also adequately available in the area.

Last Updated on : 12/07/2013