Jabalpur Economy

The Jabalpur Economy depends heavily on the ordinance factories of the area. With four ordinance factories and the defense colony with excellent infrastructure, the area has grown considerably as an important industrial base of the state. The ordinance factories of Jabalpur include;
  • Gun Carriage factory
  • Vehicle factory
  • Khamariya Ordinance factory
  • Grey Iron foundry

    The industrial city of Jabalpur is the headquarter of various government departments like the State Home-gourds, Survey of India, Telecom Training center and Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board. The presence of these state and central government offices and other private companies has boosted the service sector of the city. This another important aspect of the economic scenario of Jabalpur.
    Apart from the ordinance factories and government offices, some other important industries in Jabalpur are:
    • Shaw Wallace Gelatin Factory
    • Simplex Steel Structures works
    • Bidi manufacturing industry
    • Furniture manufacturing industry
    • Telephone parts
    • Glassware
    • Industries related to lime stone
    • Building materials
    • Ready made garment
    • Poultry Hatchery
    • Commercial automobile
    • Army base workshop
    The outskirts of the city witnesses large agricultural works. Crops like wheat, millets, sorghum, rice etc. It is also a leading producer of soybeans in the state. To read more about the Jabalpur economy,please log into the following links:

    Last Updated on 30th Nov 2012