Gwalior Economy

Gwalior economy is based on the industries housed in the territory. Gwalior is known to be the industrial base that is largely supporting the economy at Gwalior.

In fact, the industries of Gwalior are recognized as the counter magnet to the industries of National Capital Region. It is noteworthy that the industries of Gwalior are emerging as integrated industrial estates. These industrial estates of Gwalior are run by the development corporations that are large working towards the proliferation of these industries. The independent industrial development corporations are thus contributing towards the expansion of the economy of Gwalior.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the industrial estates of Gwalior possesses all the facilities that are required for the development of the industries of Gwalior. In fact, these existing industrial areas are said to be instrumental in the development of the industries in Gwalior. Some of the industries that form an integral part of Gwalior economy are:
  • Textile mills
  • Artificial silk manufacturing plants
  • Handicraft and hand loom industry
  • Tanning industry
  • Chemical industry
Gwalior Chemical Industries Limited is one of the principle industries that caters to the needs of a number of industries. To name a few:
  • Agrochemical industries
  • Flavors and fragrance industries
  • Pharmaceuticals and dyes industries
Besides, Gwalior Chemical Industries Limited is the largest producer of Chlorotoluene products in India. Among the important products sold by Gwalior Chemical Industries Limited are:
  • Benzaldehyde
  • Sulfuryl Chloride
  • Benzyl Alcohol (FR)
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Sulphur Dichloride
  • Acetyl Chloride
  • Benzo Tricholoride
  • Benzyl Alcohol (Tech)
  • Thionyl Chloride
  • Benzyl Acetate
  • Benzyl Chloride
Besides, trade and commerce in Gwalior also form a major constituent of its economy. In Gwalior, Morar is the center of trade and commerce. In fact, Morar is known for its tanning industry. The pottery and carpets by the artisans of Gwalior also contribute towards the . To know more about Gwalior economy, click on the following links:

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Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012