Durga Puja Recipes

Pujo has come and Bengalis across the world are geared up to enjoy the much-awaited festivities. The five days of enjoyment witnesses people relishing good food and adorning themselves in traditional clothing.

However, rather than staying at home, Bengalis prefer visiting the pandals and celebrating the festivities with their loved ones. Finger-licking dishes form an integral part of the celebrations. So, give your tongue a scrumptious treat with these quick bites that you can easily prepare at home. But, if you are planning to eat out, then there are many mouth-watering dishes to try out at the pandal stalls. Here are some.


Chicken Lababdar (in Microwave)

Chicken Lababdar

Ingredients: Chicken leg pieces, grated onions, ghee, grated garlic, some mace for the aroma, salt, keshar or turmeric powder, Cashew Nut paste, cheese and fresh cream.

Preparation: In a microwave safe bowl put 2 spoon ghee, little mace, one spoon grated onion, garlic and chili and microwave for a couple of minutes. Further, make a paste with the contents in the bowl. Smear the chicken with salt and boil in water for three mins in microwave. Smear the boiled chicken, with a mixture of cashew nut paste, cheese and kesar in milk. In high micro cook the chicken for 5 mins. Serve the chicken leg pieces hot.

Mahi Kabab

Mahi Kabab

Ingredients: Rahu fish (1kg), grated onion (150gm), curd (150gm), cumin powder (5gm), fenugreek (methi) powder (15gm), grated garlic (50gm), yellow lentils dal (100 gm), Cloves (2gm), Cardamom powder (2gm), black pepper powder (2 gm), cinnamon powder (1 gm), white poppy seeds (posto) (10 gm), grated ginger (25 gm), rice powder (50 gm), vegetable oil and salt.

Preparation: Boil the fish and remove the bones carefully. In a pan put some oil and fry the grated onion till brown. Make a paste of the brown onion. Followed by that in your mixer, make a powdered mixture of yellow lentils dal, cloves, cardamom powder, black pepper powder, cinnamon powder, white poppy seeds (posto), and grated ginger. In your pan, put the boiled fish, the mixture, onion paste, grated garlic, curd, salt and make an even mixture and keep it aside. Dissolve the rice powder in water to make a thick solution. Finally, make small balls of the fish mixture in the form of kabab. Dip the balls in the rice powder solution and fry them uniformly. Sprinkle some lemon juice and your Mahi Kabab is ready to be served.

Moong Daler Payesh (Moong Dal Kheer)

Mug Dal Payesh

Ingredients: Moong Dal (Yellow Lentils) (100 gm), Gud (Jaggery) (100 gm), Condensed Milk (1 cup), Grated Coconut (1 Cup), Ghee, Cardamom Powder, Water

Preparation: In a dry pan fry the moong dal for a min. Then put a cup of water and boil the dal. In a bowl, dissolve the Gud (Jaggery) in water. Now put this solution in the pan, Cardamom Powder, Condensed milk, Grated Coconut and mix the entire ingredients in low heat for quite some time. Your Moong Dal kheer is ready to be served and some saffron can be sprinkled to give a different aroma.

Once you have served the dishes, it’s time to do some pandal hopping now. Here is a list of some unavoidable Bengal delicacies, which are a definite try-out this Pujo.

Kolkata Roll Ghugni Phuchka
Kolkata Roll Ghugni Phuchka
Kolkata Biryani Chops Cutlets
Kolkata Biriyani Aloo Chop Chicken Cutlet
Mishti Doi Radhaballavi and Cholar Dal Churmur and Aloo Kabli
Mishti Doi Radhaballavi and Cholar Dal Churmur and Aloo Kabli

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