Facebook’s ‘Hello’ App Promises Convenience

Facebook's Hello app

Facebook's Hello appAnnoyed with the calls coming from unknown numbers in odd hours of the day? Here’s some good news for you. Facebook’s latest app ‘Hello’ aims to provide users the information on who is calling, even before they receive the call. Even if the number is not saved in your phone, Facebook immediately matches phone numbers and outgoing calls to Facebook profiles to deliver accurate information. This App can help in tracking mysterious callers. During the testing phase, which started on 23 April, 2015, Facebook is rolling out ‘Hello’ App to Android users in the US, Brazil and Nigeria. It is expected to see a worldwide release if the public testing is successful.

See Who’s Calling

After downloading the Hello App (Called Hello Caller ID and Blocking) from the Google play store, all you have to do is integrate it with your Facebook account. Once you grant permission to sync all your contacts with Facebook, the app runs an instant Facebook graph search on any number that either calls you or you call.

Prominent Features of the ‘Hello’ App

Synced Phone Book: It will act as an enhanced version of your phone book, with additional information of friends with subsequent contacts

Caller ID: It will help you to decide whether you should attend the call or not. The security setting will enable you to configure privacy settings as ‘Everyone’ or ‘Friends of Friends’. Depending on the settings, the ‘Hello’ App will show profile pictures of the caller. If the caller shares other information (like current city, hometown, job title, employer, education, birthday etc), you can use them as well. Add ‘Hello’ as address book or dialler app and you can get details about people you are calling.

Free Voice Over IP Calls: This feature can be beneficial, especially, in India where making international calls can be expensive. Installing Facebook Messenger coupled with Hello’s Caller ID can make calling easy and free. If you put a call on hold or end it, option of one-tap Voice Over IP call appears, which is free across the board.

Business Search: ‘Hello’ also features a search bar at the top of the screen, to reach out to Facebook friends, avail their contacts and even business. Facebook, instantly, imports all the information with a single tap.

Location and People Search: With the Hello App you can search for places and people as well. Restaurants, hotels or other public places, which already have a Facebook page, can be called directly with the number mentioned on their respective pages.

Call Blocking: If an incoming call comes from a commonly blocked number, this new app directly intimates you. The Hello app can even stop your phone from ringing and take the call to the voicemail device.

What else can you ask from this social networking giant?

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