Amritsar to Anandpur Sahib Fort Ropar

A trip from Amritsar to Anandpur Sahib Fort Ropar is enriching in the history, culture and religious tradition of Punjab. Located in the left bank of Sutlej river, the site of Anandpur Sahib is on the Chandigarh - Nangal Road at a distance of 41 kms from Ropar.

Amidst the serene backdrop of the Naina Devi mountains, Anandpur Sahib is truly the 'city of divine bliss'. This excursion from Amritsar basically entails a trip to the land of gurudwaras and forts.

This is because Anandpur Sahib was defended by the forts of Keshgarh, Lohgarh Anandgarh, and Fatehgarh and the picturesque valley has been the site of Sikhism for almost 80 years.

The Anandpur Sahib Forts have withstood the scourge of time and been witness to major warfare and events of Sikh religious history.

The gurudwara of Kesar Sahib or Kesgarh Sahib, is one of the four seats of authority for Sikhism and the fort around it was built in 1699. A total of twelve relics from the life of Guru Gobind Singh and six martyrs of Sikhism are preserved here.

There are around 33 gurudwaras in and around the Anandpur Sahib. The Khalsa Panth and worshiping of Guru Granth Sahib started its journey from this holy site. All this makes Anandpur Sahib an interesting destination near Amritsar.

The festivals of Holla Mohalla in March and Baisakhi in April is celebrated with huge pomp and gaiety in Anandpur Sahib and see lakhs of devotees flocking the holy place. An arrangement of community kitchen or langar for 40,000 people and an accommodation facility of 400 heads are available every day free of cost in Anandpur Sahib.

This apart, there are several hotels and guest houses to provide dining and comfortable stays in Anandpur Sahib for those who want to stay overnight on their excursion from Amritsar to Anandpur Sahib Fort Ropar.

Last Updated on 14 January 2011