Industries in Amritsar

The city of Amritsar has long been one of the biggest business and commercial centers in the northern zone of India. Industries in Amritsar play a significant role in the economy of the state. One of the factors that has contributed to the growth of Amritsar as trading center is that the city is the seat of the Sikh religion. Thousands of pilgrims visit Amritsar every year which was a boost for the various industries.

Amritsar is famous for the manufacturing of fine pashmina shawls, thick serge, silk goods and carpets. Besides the pashmina work, Amritsar is also engaged in the manufacturing of silk goods. Carpet weaving is another industry, which is very popular in Amritsar. This was an offshoot of pashmina industry, since the carpets were produced from inferior varieties of raw wool. Industrialization is occurring at a fast pace in the city. The 1950s saw a huge expansion in the industrial sector of Amritsar with many new industries coming up and the old ones expanding at a fast rate.

In between the years 1967-68, there were 27 large-scale industries and 5,500 small-scale industries. The Industries in Amritsar are mostly engaged in the production of various goods namely panel pins, paper-cutting, engineering goods, textile machinery, wood and machine screws, printing and machinery, electric fans, chemicals and the textiles including woollen, silken, cotton, etc. Throughout India, Amritsar holds a place of prominence in the production of woollen fabrics, like worsted, tweeds, blankets, shawls, etc. the district holds a prominent place in the country.

Last Updated on : 08 June 2012