Amritsar Schools

The picturesque state city of Amritsar is the epicenter of Sikh culture. Famed mainly for the stunning Golden Temple and noted in history for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, the city is a center of academic excellence and literary pursuits. In fact, the government has always tried to promote Amritsar education. This is evinced by the numerous colleges and schools in Amritsar that are mushrooming all over the city.

The Free and Compulsory Education System advocated by the Punjab Government all children falling in the age group of 6-14 years are entitled to receive free primary education. This sole objective behind this scheme is to ensure the widespread proliferation of education throughout the state and the subsequent eradication of illiteracy. Amritsar is a active participant in this campaign and is trying to meet the challenge through extensive community support.

The schools in Amritsar maybe classified according to the following heads:
  • Primary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • Senior Secondary Schools
  • Higher Secondary Schools
Some of these senior secondary schools offer vocational courses in addition to the regular academic curriculum. According to statistics, Amritsar is endowed with 1417 primary schools with a net enrollment of 2, 38,584. The 270 middle schools that encompass both the government as well as the private institutions, on the other hand have a student intake of 32,814. The city is also the proud owner of 244 higher secondary schools and 192 senior secondary schools where 1,09, 679 and 1,08, 270 students, respectively have been admitted to receive pedagogical instructions.

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