Vacations in Amritsar

Vacations in Amritsar are highly preferred by the tourists because of its convenient location, good infrastructure and an interesting horde of tourist attractions. The city of Amritsar perfectly reflects the rich Sikh and Punjabi culture and heritage. Situated in the north - west of India, Amritsar is home to a numerous Gurudwaras, each of which has been witness to major events of the history of Sikhism.

The Golden Temple of Amritsar is the ultimate pilgrimage for the followers of Sikhism. The other Sikh shrines stand majestically in pure white marble and are beautifully adorned with murals. Places much visited in a vacation to Amritsar also include Durgiana Temple, Jallian Wala Bagh, Mata Mandir and Ram Bagh. Excursions from Amritsar provide a varied choice from some of the important Sikh pilgrimages to the hill resorts of nearby Himachal Pradesh.

The city of Amritsar experience extremes of temperature accompanied by the characteristic dry climate of north India. Summer temperatures reach an extreme of 116 degree Fahrenheit or 47 degree Celsius. Winters, again, have temperatures that drop down even to 26 degree Fahrenheit or -3 degree Celsius. Thus, the best time for vacations in and around Amritsar is from the middle of September to the middle of April.

Amritsar vacations are also preferred by the tourists because it is easily accessible from most of the places of India. The close proximity to varied places of interest also attract many tourists for vacations in Amritsar. The city is well served by a wide network of roadways, railways and airways. The verdant green fields make a pleasant journey by road and rail and the Rajasansi airport at Amritsar provides an international airport.

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