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Anthropology Courses

Anthropology is nothing but a science that deals with the study of man. The study involves many dimensions of the existence of man and their habitat. This is a growing field and carries out research on the origins of mankind. It is a systematic study and a holistic approach that helps to know the inter-relation of human cultural and biological life.

A study of Anthropology is useful for students in many ways and one can opt for majors in business, law, education and medicine. In-depth knowledge about the various factors of human life, their evolution, the diverse culture and the daily life is necessary for many careers. The study helps in verifying facts that had taken place centuries ago and even helps in modern times to date things and study the time and the human thinking and living in the days gone by.

The subject basically comprises of fours sub-subjects like the socio-cultural anthropology, which is a study of present day lifestyle and culture. Linguistic anthropology, which helps in studying communication practices, archeology, which is about the ancient culture and tradition and the artifacts used in those times and lastly the physical anthropology, which deals with the human evolution and forensic details.teh socio-cultural anthropology helps in analyzing and collecting the data and also spend time with the people observing them and knowing their activities.

To be an Anthropologist, one should obtain a B.A. degree in Anthropology. One can also pursue higher education and obtain a M.A. degree that can be obtained in various colleges in India.

Current Scenario of Anthropology Courses in India

There are many fields that an Anthropologist can work in like the public health, neural science, epidemiology, cognitive psychology, ethnic, medicine, social science departments, linguistic, anthropology department etc. The salary for a fresher can be around Rs.8,000 to Rs. 20,000 monthly and can increase with the right kind of experience and training along with education.

To be eligible for the course, one should obtain a 12th grade from any recognized university and also appear for the entrance exam conducted by the particular college or the university. There are various courses available like the diploma, U.G., P.G., and the PhD degree in anthropology. The diploma course can take 2 years duration, U.G. three years. P.G two years and PhD or M.Phil will take around another two years.

Major Anthropology Examinations in India

Students can pursue their desired career by taking any of the major entrance exams which provide them opportunity to take admission in a reputed institute. Major entrance exams are help for the degree of M.A. or M.Sc in anthropology, they are:
  • Amity university M.Sc anthropology entrance exam
  • Andhra University Common entrance test
  • University of Pune anthropology entrance exam
  • Pondicherry University MA in Anthropology entrance exam

Top Anthropology Colleges in India

Various colleges in India are famous for their course in Anthropology like the:
  • Amity University
  • Bangalore University
  • Guwahati University
  • Karnataka University
  • North Maharashtra University
  • Punjab University
  • Sambalpur University
  • Sri.Venkateshwara University
  • University of Rajasthan
  • Visva-Bharti University

Last Updated on : March 23, 2016