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Fine Arts Courses

The Bachelor of Fine arts course study is all about the visualization skills and relates to arts, drawing and sketching. It is popularly known as BFA that is completed within 4 years. The course helps the student to have a skillful career ahead that is creative and brings out the artist in you.

A fine art is pursued by those who have an artist hidden in them. Those who have a natural ability for visual arts like drawing or sketching or visualizing are well suited for the degree course. The course needs the students to have the ability to show their skill in the course study. There are various jobs that a Bachelor of fine arts can work in like the 3D artist, art director, graphic artists/designer, editor, art teacher, production artist, furniture designed, creative director, art critic, music teacher, set designer, freelance workers, senior graphic designer, sr. art director, and many more.

Current Scenario of Fine Arts in India

Today there is a wide range of jobs available for a graduate in fine arts. The opportunities are many. There is a good demand for artists in various fields like, jewelry, designer clothes, hand printing, cinema, Television, internet, printing press, educational institutions, advertisement companies, art studios and boutiques. Various posts can also be found in the government jobs as well.

One can see that in every field an artist is required whether he is an architect, singer, designer, painter or even a website designer, a graduate in fine arts has a lot of scope today than ever before. One can also specialize in any one subject to obtain mastery in the subject like the music, calligraphy, dance, illustration, cartooning, etc.

Major Fine Arts exams in India

The eligibility for the students who want to pursue graduation in fine arts is to complete 12th grade from a recognized university. But, it is also necessary that he possess a natural interest and a natural talent to flair well in the course. Therefore, many universities also conduct entrance exam for enrolling the students in their college and test their talent. On completion of the Bachelor's degree, one can also take up Master's degree in any specialization. The list of entrance exams are:
  • B.H.U BFA entrance exam
  • UP TGT
  • Delhi University entrance exam
  • JNAFAU entrance exam

Top Fine Arts Colleges in India

In India there are several top colleges and universities that teach Fine arts as a course study in their college. Every state has many fine arts course college that help candidates with natural talent excel in their career.
  • Government College of Arts, Chandigarh
  • Raja Ravi Varma college of Fine arts, Allappuzha
  • Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai
  • Goa College of Arts, Panaji
  • Delhi College of Arts
  • Allahabad University
  • Bangalore University: faculty of Fine arts
  • Nalanda Dance research center, Mumbai
  • North Maharashtra University, Maharashtra
  • Kurukshetra University, Haryana

Last Updated on : March 18, 2016