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Zoology Courses

Zoology comprises of the study of animals and their behaviors. The subject helps people in knowing the animal behavior, the way they live, their needs, and many more things.
Zoology deals with the environment of the animals, how they adapt to the changing environment and their needs like nutrition, genetics, characteristics, evolution, physiology, reproduction etc. People who specialize in this subject are called Zoologist.

Zoology is a recognized field today and is regarded as the top career choice in India. With the imbalance in the ecosystem today, acute need has been felt to preserve nature and even animals that are on the brink of extinction.

Current Scenario of Zoology in India

A zoologist can work as a researcher; he can also conduct experiments and study the various changes in the animals. He can also work in the botanical gardens, nature reserves, universities, conservation organization, zoo, parks, teaching in schools and colleges or can also work independently by conducting research about relevant topics related to animals. The zoologist can get attractive salaries and work as a zookeeper, wildlife educator, wildlife rehabilitator, environmental consultant, journalist etc.

The salary is excellent and can help you earn anywhere around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 monthly for the entry level job. But for the researchers and the teachers, the pay is much higher and depends on the experience and qualification. The best jobs can be found in the government offices and one can apply directly to the government agencies about the job. Zoologists are in great demand today as many countries feel the need to preserve the wildlife and the nature. With the changes that affect the animals, zoologists are wanted to help stop abusing the animals directly or indirectly by man.

Major Zoology Exams in India

To be a zoologist, it is a must that you pass your 12th grade with math, physics and chemistry as your compulsory subjects. You can then appear for an entrance exam for various colleges or a college of your choice and pass to enroll yourself in that particular college. After that you can continue with your education in B.Sc in Zoology, which requires around 4 years of education and needs you to pass every year. Here is a list of major entrance exam for pursuing zoology.
  • Delhi University Zoology entrance exam.
  • Banaras Hindu university zoology entrance exam
  • University of Pune zoology entrance exam
  • All India common entrance test.

Top Zoology Colleges in India

India has some of the best Zoology colleges that provide international standard education and have provided well qualified candidates to work well as a zoologist
  • ABN Seal College, West Bengal
  • ADM College, Tamil Nadu
  • Acharya Nagarjun University, Andhra Pradesh
  • Acharya Narendra Dev College, New Delhi
  • Ahmadnagar College, Maharashtra

Last Updated on : March 10, 2016