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Public Administration

The Bachelor of Arts in Public administration is introduced as an undergraduate degree course that can be completed in three years. The course study involves the activities and the functions that are carried on in the public services, constitutional framework, public sector organizations and theories of administration. The course teaches the students the concept of political system in the country and helps students get aware of the democratic functions in the country that can help them to analyze the effects of public policies that are introduced by the government.

The public administration course study involves with making plans and strategies that can help the government through introducing and by administrating polices that are helpful for the development of the nation. Upon completion of the course, one can expect a lucrative job in government offices at national and international levels. The course study helps students in knowing the working of the government and how any new polices that has been introduced affects the general public and also study the reactions of the people.

The job of the public administrators, who work in public departments, is to draft legislation, monitor budgets, execute mandated government activities, draft legislation and develop policies.

Current Scenario of Public Administration in India

The current scenario of a Public administrator is good and the salary depends widely on the level of education he has obtained. One can work as a administrative officer, personnel management specialist, customs inspector, Labor management relation specialist, social worker, border patrol agent, alcohol, tobacco and firearms inspector, correctional treatment specialist and management analyst. The areas of work are the Municipal planning, management, fire, economic development, police, emergency services and public works.

The salary is great and one can also attain higher posts with experience and education. The current scenario is very positive and has a number of jobs in government offices. Government jobs provide scope for bonuses, pensions, perks and incentives as well. The security and the stability is another reason why today's youngsters are opting for the job of a public administrator.

Major Public Administration Examinations in India

Getting enrolled in the first year degree course of public administration requires the candidate to pass the 12th grade from a recognized university and other eligibility criteria should be fulfilled for the admission for Bachelors degree in Public administration course. Certain entrance exams of various colleges are conducted for enrolling students to their college. The list is given below.
  • Osmania University entrance test
  • Aligarh University entrance test
  • BHU entrance exam
  • Jamia Millia Islamia entrance test
  • JNU entrance test

Top Public Administration Colleges in India

  • A.S.N. Degree College for women
  • Babu Shobha Ram Government Arts College
  • Government degree college, Andhra Pradesh
  • Government Degree College for men, Adilabad
  • Government Kolasib College, Mizoram
  • Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Haryana
  • I.I.S. University, Rajasthan
  • J.S.S. College for Women, Karnataka
  • Jain Girl's college, Punjab
  • Miraj Mahavidyalaya, Maharashtra

Last Updated on : March 25, 2016