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Telecommunication Courses

The telecommunication engineers handle various types of technology and help people to stay in contact from anywhere in the world. Their job is to design, research, and develop various devices that are needed for communication. Telecommunications courses too are on the rise due to favorable condition for telecommunication jobs prevailing in India. The courses are now diverse that begin from telephone to internet and mobile handsets.

Unexpected rise in communications has made about tremendous change in the telecommunication scenario. It is in fact, a science that is based on implementation, design and managing hardware and software systems that are necessary for transmitting information and processing. The field lies in electronic engineering. The course is based on wide scale devices like the satellites, radar navigation, mobile phones, computer, aviation and more. Since there is a great demand for telecommunication engineers, there are various institute, colleges and universities that provide education in this field.

Telecommunication engineers have to deal with the installing, maintenance and supervision of telephone lines and exchange offices. The industry is always in need of project management professionals and those candidates that are skilled in this field. They also need support staff that is less qualified as well.

Current Scenario of Telecommunication Course in India

Telecommunication jobs can be found in various sectors like the resellers, cable, and satellite and telecom providers. With the increase in the wireless communication, wireless telecom providers have come up with the largest employment sector in the industry and next in the wired telecom. There are professionals who can work in technical positions in the software engineering, network system, computer programming and data communications analysis. The working areas are work in the network like optical fiber cable jointing, installation, manufacturing sector, broadcasting sector, electronics and maintenance. The internal jobs are the customer call, security alarm systems, design and specialists.

The salaries are very lucrative and in a variety of facilities. The salaries depend on the kind of job profile you are in. a great future is waiting for telecommunication engineers in India as well as the world. One can also find employment in the ministry of communication, railways, CRPF, BSF, police and even the defense field.

Major Telecommunication Examinations in India

Telecommunication is included in the field of electronic engineering and there are numerous courses including diploma and degree offered in telecommunication. Students have to appear for the entrance text held by the colleges to enroll in their college. However, one should have passed 12th grade, which is a requirement for enrolling in the college. Following is a list of major entrance exams.
  • AMIE-Associate membership of institute of engineers.
  • AIEEE - All India engineering entrance examination.
  • IIT JEE- IIT joint entrance examination.

Top Colleges offering Telecommunication Courses in India

  • National institute of technology
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Regional engineering college, Allahabad
  • College of engineering, Kerala
  • Guru Nanak Engineering College, Punjab

Last Updated on : March 25, 2016