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Hardware Engineering Course

The job of the hardware engineer is to design the microprocessor chips so that it helps in the functioning of the computer and make computing simple and easy. A hardware engineer has to be inquisitive, detail oriented, creative and logical and work with precision. They have to test, research and develop along with the maintenance of the hardware in the computer. The hardware of the computer includes the computer systems, circuit boards, computer chips, and equipments like the printers, keyboards and the modems. With newer technology and new innovations, the hardware engineers have to keep up with the pace and help increase their knowledge with every passing day.

The hardware engineers have to work in offices, labs, industrial plants etc. There are few other who work on production sites and direct operations and are involved in onsite problems. Hardware engineers who offer service to the public directly should be licensed and for that they need to have proper education, training and the required skills needed to be a qualified hardware engineer.

Current Scenario of Hardware Engineering courses in India

The current scenario looks bright for the hardware engineers with the presence of many big national and international companies in the country who have brought about big business and require qualified hardware engineers. Studies have shown that the computer hardware is expected to rise faster as compared to any other occupation. One can find job in a private as well as public sector.

However, hardware developing companies are more preferred by professionals. They are interested in getting jobs in various corporate houses, public sectors, schools, banks, financial institutions, hospitals, insurance companies and many more. They can also be self employed and start their own business or firm. Consultancy is another field where hardware engineers can excel. Teaching in the technical institutions is also a good choice. The rewards are highly appreciative and one can earn anywhere around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 monthly. Besides, one can also earn perks and incentives as well.

Major Hardware Engineering Examinations in India

To be a qualified hardware engineer, you have to attend college and complete the course. An entry level computer hardware engineer requires a bachelor's degree. He should have a background in math, chemistry and physics. The major exams are, first the entrance exams that are carried out by various colleges for computer science degree course or computer engineering. Apart from the degree courses, one can also opt for the vocational courses that take anywhere around one year or less than that. It would be sufficient to get an entry level job. List of entrance exams is given below.
  • Bharath University engineering entrance exam
  • Uttar Pradesh state entrance exam
  • National institute of technology
  • Assoicate membership of Institutions of engineers.

Top Hardware Engineering Colleges in India

Some of the top colleges that provide hardware engineering courses are the IITs in various cities and many more like the
  • Regional engineering college, Durgapur
  • Zakir Hussain College of engineering and technology, Aligarh
  • Sardar Vallabhai Regional College of Engineering and technology, Surat.

Last Updated on : March 15, 2016

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