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Software Engineering Course

The software engineering course is intended to equip the students with an in -depth study of software engineering similar to the other engineering discipline and have an insight in the software development process. The course comprises of various topics that help you get equipped with the essential knowledge and education along with training required to be a qualified software engineering.

Specialization courses focus on the implementation of software projects that are set in the schedule and the cost by practicing innovative practices and help in overcoming limitation of undisciplined approach. The revolutionary sector of software engineering has shown a totally new dimension in the job market and has helped the computer field in ways more than one.

Software engineering includes knowledge to define software requirements, computer programming, interface design, software design, maintenance and testing. It also includes knowledge from several other fields like computer science, software ergonomics, mathematics, project management, computer engineering, management, system engineering and quality management.

Current Scenario of Software Engineering courses in India

The specialization of the software engineering course has attracted many job seekers as the pay is very good and there is a bright future ahead that seems to be growing at a faster rate than any other engineering field. Software is spreading in every aspect of our daily life. Today it has substantial importance in the modern times. Huge development in the software sector has instigated many countries to take advantage of the situation.

India is now in a comfortable position due to in-depth knowledge in several technologies and their position in the SEM, web application, web hosting, website design and e-commerce. Software is now required in every field like mobile phones, home appliances, navigation in the car, and in tools that need accuracy.

Major Software Engineering Examinations in India

Candidate interested in pursuing software engineering course will have to pursue B.Tech or B.E. in software engineering. It is required of them to pass in the higher secondary exams with chemistry, physics and math subjects.

The degree course comprises of four years, in which there are various semesters conducted including projects and assignment. One has to pass all the semesters and exam to be a qualified software engineer. Upon passing all the exams and semesters, one can get the certification of software engineer. One of the major exams for the software engineers is IIT-JEE, where students upon passing can get enrolled in the best colleges of the country and get the best training and knowledge. Following is a list of major entrance exams.
  • All India Engineering Entrance Examination.
  • All India common entrance test.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University Engineering entrance exam.
  • Delhi College of Engineering combined entrance exam.
  • Uttar Pradesh state entrance exam

Top Software Engineering Colleges in India

There are various colleges in India that provide quality education and training. You can enroll in the following colleges for software engineering course.
  • National Institute of Technology, Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of technology, Guwahati, Madras, Kharagpur
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology
  • College of Engineering, Andhra Pradesh
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu

Last Updated on : March 15, 2016