History of Mumbai University

One of India's oldest university is the Mumbai University which was instituted in 1857. It was previously known as the Bombay University. But with the change in name of Bombay to Mumbai by the Government of Maharashtra in 1996, the name of the Bombay University was also changed to Mumbai University. This university is the result of the 'Wood's Education Dispatch' of 1857.

At the beginning, the Mumbai University was concerned with education and carrying out examination at the undergraduate level only. But gradually it started concentrating on the education at the post graduate level also.

As a result a number of departments were introduced, the first being the department of Sociology, Civics and Politics. Prior to independence, the various functions and powers of Mumbai University were re-structured in accordance with the Bombay University Act of 1953. The Mumbai University has delivered its best over 150 years in the field of education as well as in instigating other social and moral values among the students.

Some other facts about Mumbai University:
  • Mumbai University has been given a five star ranking by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council).

  • There are two centers for post graduation.

  • The university has within its fold 354 affiliated colleges having a total number of 36 departments. The university also imparts education in various professional courses to help the students get a firm establishment in the long run.

  • Mumbai University has earned a good name in sports and cultural activities at the national level. The number of students at the under-graduate, post graduate level and distance education have also increased to a great extent. About eighteen National and International awards have been won by the faculty members in the last five years. Mumbai University have also started off recently with more than ten self supporting courses.

Last Updated on 28 May 2013

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